Consultancy Services

Have you set a long-term vision for your business?  How do you plan to accomplish your goals?


Zenviron’s professional IT help is at every step of your progress; we support your from the initial stages of discussions of your business plan to the day you succeed. Our team promises to discuss, brainstorm, learn, share, grow, manage and deliver long-term and short-term engagements.

Our project management team helps you to establish your scope, objectives, approach and methodology. We will set the ball rolling with the conceptualization of your ideas and guide you at every step by implementing foolproof solution, to achieve your goals.

ZME’s Consultancy Portfolio Includes:

  • Business IT
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Data Management
  • Information Security
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • IT Strategy & Excellence
  • Business Application and E-commerce

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning Consultancy Services


While most organizations are aware that they should invest in Disaster Recovery, many aren’t sure exactly what and, indeed, how much they should invest.

Zenviron’s Disaster Recovery Consulting Service is designed to remove the DR roadblock by:


  • Enabling your business leadership to decide on the amount to invest in a DR capability that’s right for you.
  • Providing the technical blueprint for the DR infrastructure and its implementation, maintenance and operational procedures commensurate with this level of investment.
  • Working with your IT team and partners to implement the plan.


This is achieved through a formal process, done in the context of overall Business Continuity Planning (BCP), aligned with Industry best practice (global ITIL standards), and adapted to your own needs.

Our result is a cost appropriate, cost justified and effective DR capability that is easily maintained and fully supported by the business.

What’s unique about our approach?


We are pragmatic people and ours is a realistic approach providing:


Fit for purpose solutions – There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for DR. What’s right for you depends on your existing and intended IT platforms, your attitude towards risk and willingness to invest. With no vested interest in promoting a particular DR infrastructure or service, ZME remains focused on what’s best for you.


Fit for purpose consulting – Zenviron provides sufficient depth to obtain the benefits of adhering to a formal model without undue expense.


Business focus – The entire solution is concentrated on supporting the business services that are important to your organization’s development. Focusing on service availability rather than entire environment availability makes for a cost-effective outcome.


Business impact analysis by those who know – With our approach, your business managers are also involved. Business managers can best assess the criticality of IT supported business processes and evaluate the consequence of data loss and downtime. Only with their input will your investment analysis be valid.


Best practice methodology –The use of ITIL® service based methodology (IT Service Continuity Management) and documentation means the DR plan can be maintained and be ready to go despite your business evolving over time. Your DR platform is in a constant state of readiness and your security is bullet-proof.

Why do it now?


Circumstances have never been better or more appropriate to properly address DR considering:


  1.  Advancements in technology
    Advances in technology mean most organisations can now afford to implement effective DR strategies, advances including:


  • Widespread adoption of virtualization
  • Replication mechanisms dramatically lowering costs of storage
  • Growing number of high availability datacenters
  • Ever increasing availability of cloud based resources
  • Faster, cheaper bandwidth
  • Increasing mobile workforce and use of web enabled applications.


Disaster Awareness

With the increasing visibility of significant events, locally and worldwide (Japanese tidal waves, Christchurch earthquake, volcanic activity, increasing frequency of significant floods etc.) there is increased awareness of the need to address business continuity.


Senior executives are accountable for good business practice and governance. BCP is a key element of sound business practice. Legislative requirements requiring organizations to have effective BCPs (e.g. Local bodies under the Civil Emergency Management Act 2002)

The Securities Commission and NZ Stock Exchange have clear guidelines on the subject.


Our five phase DR consulting process


Phase 1 Scoping (pre-sales) – producing a scope document showing the objectives, approach, deliverables, timeline and cost of the consulting service.


Phase 2 Research and Analysis – getting a clear understanding of your environment, especially your key services, requirements, constraints, costs, business impacts and risks. This provides the basis for defining tangible recovery and availability targets for defined services.


Phase 3 Business Impact Analysis and Risk Management– producing a Business Impact Analysis Summary with tolerable levels of data loss (RPO) and downtime (RTO) for each IT supported service. Also a Risk Analysis Matrix showing your key risks and their estimated likelihood, impact and overall risk score (IT centric).


Phase 4 – Develop ITSCM Policy and Strategy– through an iterative process as benefits and costs are balanced and the solution design is adapted accordingly. It produces the DR Policy and Strategy Document, the High Level DR Infrastructure Design Document and (optionally) the Business Case Document.


Phase 5 – Refine Implementation Plan and Execute – working with your IT team and collaborates to implement the DR capability, complete documentation of maintenance and operational procedures and effect handover.