Data Management

Organizations everywhere are faced with the big question of how to manage their growing big data sets from ERP and e-commerce systems, log files, sensor data and social media. Apache Hadoop is a cost-effective enterprise data hub (EDH) to store, transform, cleanse, filter, analyze and gain new value from all kinds of data.

The MapR Advantage


Simplify your Hadoop buying decision


MapR allows you to do more with Hadoop by combining Apache Hadoop with architectural innovations focused on operational excellence in the data center. MapR is the only distribution that is built from the ground up for business-critical production applications.


MapR is a complete distribution for Apache Hadoop that packages more than a dozen projects from the Hadoop ecosystem to provide a broad set of big data capabilities. The MapR platform not only delivers enterprise-grade features such as high availability, disaster recovery, security, and full data protection but also allows Hadoop to be easily accessed as traditional network attached storage (NAS) with read-write capabilities.


One Platform for Big Data Applications


MapR provides an enterprise data hub for Big Data with Hadoop at its center. Hadoop provides a comprehensive purpose platform for a variety of workloads including data storage, integration from multiple sources, database operations, analytics, search, and real-time stream processing. MapR provides the most advanced distribution for Hadoop with native file and table support and dynamic workload management to support more applications with a smaller data center footprint and lowest TCO.