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A scalable and flexible IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business and system uptime is your most critical asset. ZME’s’ comprehensive Managed Services portfolio encompasses a full spectrum of services designed to reduce the burden of day-to-day IT management and infrastructure maintenance. Our Managed Services solutions give your business access to high-level cost effective expertise and allow placing resource intensive operations under the management of experienced specialists.

As your extended 24×7 IT department, we take responsibility for the proactive and reactive daily IT management. We help you focus on strategic IT initiatives and core business goals.


  • Do you want your internal IT staff to focus on core functions rather than juggling mundane IT tasks?
  • Do you require on-demand IT services for your company but don’t need someone full time?
  • Are you increasingly reactive to IT issues rather than being proactive?
  • Do you have any problem in finding the right resource to manage your IT?
  • Do you have any kind budget constrain?


If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you should definitely consider our Managed IT Solutions.


We offer 24x7x365 days Managed IT Services


Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

Zenviron makes use of both software scans and simulated hacking attacks in order to determine vulnerabilities that exist in a system. Once detected, vulnerabilities are addressed with additional or more advanced software and hardware systems designed to better secure the company’s network and information assets.   This type of testing does not usually incorporate a network-wide security assessment, but instead concentrates on the perimeter and the ability for outsiders to make their way inside without proper authorization.

Penetration testing can be a one-time event, but companies usually follow periodic random testing using remote access in order to get a much better picture of the network’s strengths and weaknesses over time.


Perimeter Management

Perimeter management is a remote service in which firewalls and other systems such as intrusion detection systems are installed and upgraded.  Perimeter management also includes the configuration settings remotely so that both hardware and software function at peak levels of performance to secure the system.


Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring generally takes place on a continuous basis in order to keep track of important system events and interpret them to determine if they pose a risk to the company’s information systems or data.


Remote monitoring involves tracking all unauthorized behavior on the network as well as tracking inbound connections that may consist of hacking attempts of denial of service attacks.  This category of managed security also includes analysis of security trends inside the system so that troublesome patterns can be identified and remediated as quickly as possible.


Remote Compliance Monitoring

Managed security also encompass compliance monitoring, in which software is constantly scanning the network for changes so that anomalous ones that do not meet the company’s official policies can be flagged immediately. For example, if a system administrator grants himself or herself additional security privileges, this should be noted immediately in case the level of access is too high for the job functions the individual needs to perform.


IT Security Monitoring & Risk Detections

IT security is an essential criterion for sustainable corporate success. Numerous measures are taken to protect data. However, the broad and complex functionalities of IT systems offer constantly new entry points for attacks. This is why continuous and centralized IT security monitoring of the IT infrastructure and its components is essential.


IT Security Monitoring Services powered by Zenviron ME

  • Comprises continuous monitoring of the complete IT infrastructure from the inside and outside and assessment of all event data
  • Analyses network traffic intelligently
  • Expressly scans for vulnerabilities in systems and in their configuration
  • Checks servers for changes and unauthorized software and
  • Inspects incoming emails with regard to advanced malware


IT Risk Detection

A company’s need for transparency of risks and their remediation as well as the importance of a well-functioning internal control system are key reasons for statutory and regulatory demands for risk management. An annual, biannual, or quarterly overview about risks at precisely this point in time is not sufficient. To stay ahead in an environment characterized by uncertainty and change, organizations need up-to-date risk information every day.


Risk Detection Services offered by Zenviron ME

  • Comprises 24/7 collection, analysis and assessment of risk information in the IT infrastructure, considering parameters such as the importance of an IT infrastructure component
  • Presents the comprehensive, up-to-date and transparent overview of IT risks in the Risk & Security Cockpit
  • Presents the risks’ impact on IT services and derives risks for business processes,
  • Integrates an IT risk management workflow for transparent risk remediation processes and

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