LAN, WAN and Wireless

Zenviron ME offers advanced, 24×7 monitoring and management of IT infrastructure on a global scale, installing predictive network analytics to identify and detect 95% of potential network issues before they impact network health.


The corporate network lies at the heart of an organization’s effectiveness providing the users with a reliable, high- speed secure access to perform their day-to-day activities.


With the uptake of VoIP, rich media applications, and ever increasing communications methods, the requirement for an optimum and scalable network infrastructure is constantly increasing.


Zenviron Middle East approach is based on Cisco and Extreme Networks technology and as a minimum consider:

  • The business requirements to understand where this network will support the delivery of basic IT operational functions
  • Secure access (internally and externally)
  • Resilient communications for now and the future


Optimal Infrastructure Management

Whether LAN and/or WAN, Zenviron Middle East monitors and manages the infrastructure for optimal performance. Extensive reporting is made available on all devices to ensure you have all of the information.


Multi-Vendor Device Management

We manage LAN and WAN devices such as switches, routers, wireless LAN controllers, wireless access points, hubs, terminating devices, and more from a wide variety of vendors.


Single Point of Contact

Zenviron Middle East serves as a single point of contact worldwide for proactive management for an array of multivendor IT infrastructure – including WAN, LAN, UC, application acceleration and security devices – regardless of whether it resides within headquarters, branch offices, private or public clouds.


Asset and Systems Management

As companies collaborate, businesses expand and geographic position is no longer a barrier. The ongoing management of devices (laptops/desktops, PDA’s, and Smartphones) and the applications residing on them becomes a problem for the IT Department. Further compounded by refresh programs, license management and the ongoing security of the above and it is natural that over 70% of a typical IT budget is spent on support and maintenance.


Zenviron Middle East uses a combination of applications to utilize the tools present in many of the core applications that customers have already invested in (such as Active Directory, Exchange, Windows OS). These tools allow proactive planning and support for IT departments in:

  • Remote Server/Device Configuration Management & Control from a single location
  • Asset management and planning
  • Simplified automation of remote agent deployment
  • User/Device quarantining for secure network access and control for external users


Service Desk


You can now afford a professional Service Desk

While many organizations understand the benefits of a Service Desk facility for managing IT support, they baulk at the costs and complications of establishing a high quality service themselves.

We, Zenviron Middle East offers Service Desk that removes the cost barrier, enabling you to enhance your infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of providing your own, and with the quality of service and accountability that specialization provides.

LAN, WAN and Wireless