Shared Services

Shared services have the potential to bring significant value to the firm. The model:

  • Can enhance firms’ architectural agility by facilitating their transformation toward new organizational forms such as “shared service organization” and “service-oriented enterprise”.
  • May increase service quality by forming a customer-oriented mindset within the service organization and professionalizing service delivery.
  • Can lower firms’ operating costs by reducing the number of service employees and gain efficiency.
  • May improve organizational learning and innovation by concentrating technical and managerial expertise and facilitating knowledge sharing.
  • May also bring political advantages such as enhancing credibility and solving internal conflicts.
  • In a global economic downturn like todays, the need to leverage the benefits of shared services becomes increasingly urgent.


Meanwhile, implementing shared services incurs a number of risks

  • Over-standardization of systems and processes
  • Dampened employee morale
  • Lack of operational flexibility
  • Unbalanced power concentration
  • Ineffective communication
  • Unexpected implementation cost escalation
  • Increased system complexity
  • Unclear service accountability
  • Long project timelines


Zenviron ME helps you

  • Overcome all the risks
  • Achieve greater efficiency and growth


Our Shared Services Portfolio

  • Finance
  • HR
  • IT Management
  • Procurement